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So last night I started getting a really sharp pain in my right wrist that was so bad it kept me up until 4am and I didn't go in to work today. I'm in a weird transitional spot in my life where I don't have health insurance so I tried to get into the free clinic and they weren't taking walk-ins and it was just a big pile of poop. My wrist still kind of hurts, but I'm going to go to work tomorrow.

So long story short I haven't touched a craft item all day. But here is a picture of a couple stickers that I got at Hobby Lobby Tuesday night. 

Our Hobby Lobby is currently being renovated so the aisles are all screwed up and I had my boyfriend's 2-year-old son with me so I didn't get much because I was trying to get out. I got these stickers, a sheet of dinosaur stickers (that Jak picked out) and a couple packs of earring findings.

So I think this week I will be showing the quilt I've just started working on. Be aware that I am a TOTAL amateur. I do stuff wrong, I know this. But what I do works for me. That is the only thing I have planned for now. I'm still getting used to taking instructional pictures.

Well that's about all for tonight. Hopefully I have wrist improvement over night. Thanks for stopping by!

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