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My first tutorial!

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2012 | No Comments

So I figure I might as well SHOW you how to make something instead of just showing you already completed projects. Earrings are unbelievably easy and are a nice relaxing thing to work on, so I'm going to attempt to show you step by step how to make them.

First, you will need the following items:

2 flat pins, 2 earring hooks, 2 beads, and then three different pliers. A flat nose, a rounded nose and a nippers. I just got a pack of all three at Hobby Lobby. They are the miniature size and they work just fine. Using a coupon they can actually be pretty cheap.

String your bead onto on of the pins.

Grip the pin with the flat pliers like so and make a slight bend, which you can see in the second picture below.

Now take the round nose pliers and grip ABOVE the bend. Carefully wrap the pin around the nose, creating a loop. You can turn the pliers as you work, you can see I'm holding them in a slightly different position in the two pictures. It just takes some getting used to and finding a method that works for you.

Now string your earring hook on.

This is the part I really struggled with when I first started. Grip both loops (the loop you created and the earring hook loop) in the flat nose pliers. Using your fingers, wrap the tail of the loop around the straight part of the pin under the loop. You should make it 2-3 times around. 

Do not get discouraged if you feel it is not as tight as it should be. These are pretty cheap so if you need to, just take the nippers and cut the pin off and start again. Be patient and take your time.

Now clip the remainder of the tail off. It will leave a sharp little nubbin. (Nubbin is obviously the technical term. I am a crafting fool. I don't know the technical terms for anything.)

You can take the flat nose pliers and kind of squeeze the spiral where the sharp nubbin is to kind of tuck it into the rest of the spiral.

And you have one done!

Repeat the process and you have two earrings ready to go!

I know these two are pretty drastically different, but I DID make one of them with my tripod sitting in front of my face. Also, I am not in any way a professional so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I can only give you advice on how I do things. They are not perfect. If you have any questions you can always e-mail me at katieshelby89 (at) gmail (dot) com  and I will try to help you out. If it would be easier, I could try doing a video tutorial.

Thanks for looking!

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